What kinds of documents are there, which ones will you need?

Estate Planning Services

These documents are included under the sliding scale flat fee: Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney/HIPAA Authorization, Directive to Physicians, Declaration of Guardian for Self, and Declaration of Guardian for Minor Child (as needed).


    • Written declaration of your wishes; who gets your property and who is in charge

Durable power of attorney

    • Financial power of attorney giving someone else the power to make your financial decisions on your behalf.

Medical power of attorney/HIPAA authorization

    • Designates your choice for who will make your medical decisions should you be unable to make them yourself. Grants access to your medical records for up to 2 years beyond your death.

Directive to physicians

    • Instructs your doctors and your family on whether you wish to use life-sustaining treatment ¬†(life support).

Declaration of guardian

    • Names your choice should you need a guardian, which is a court appointed role. A guardian usually replaces the power of attorney but could be the same person.

Declaration of guardian for minor child

    • Names your choice of who will be appointed as guardian should both parents die.

Optional Services

These additional documents are not part of a standard estate package and are prepared at additional cost.

Transfer on death deed

    • Real estate deed permitting a house to transfer without the need of probate. The owner may designate beneficiaries much like you do on a bank account or life insurance policy.

Appointment of agent to control disposition of remains

    • Used to appoint a person who will take financial responsibility for your funeral and method of burial. It is also where you may specify a casket or cremation.


Now offering limited probate assistance for agreed probate. Please contact the office to schedule a consultation to discuss your specific situation.