Estate Planning Pricing

Clients qualify for sliding-scale services based on where a person's monthly income falls on the federal poverty income guidelines. While assets are not considered, please remember that the sliding scale service is designed for people with limited financial resources. If you have enough savings to pay a regular rate, please do so.

To estimate your fee for services, find your income and family size on the chart. Multiply the percent shown at the bottom of your column by your monthly income before taxes and deductions. Hourly rates range from $70-$160. The minimum fee for estate planning is $160/person.


  • Single person making $2,200 with one dependent will pay 10% of a month's income, or $220.
  • Married couple one dependent, each partner would qualify off half of the total household income and one partner can claim the dependent (one would be considered household of two and the other is a household of one). With two dependents, one could be a household of 3 and the other a household of 1, whatever combination gives us the lowest total fee.

Be prepared to submit pay stubs or other income verification documents for your consultation appointment.

Probate Pricing

Probate is priced on a flat fee at a discount from the standard rates one might expect for probate procedures in Central Texas. Because sliding scale is not pro bono, the court may only sometimes waive court costs and filing fees. You will be responsible for paying those fees and other related costs if no waiver is granted, which can range from $450 - $1000 or more. We will submit an affidavit of inability to pay on a client's behalf but the client must be prepared if the affidavit is rejected.

  • Small Estate Affidavit
    • $500 + costs
  • Affidavits of Heirship (Two disinterested witnesses and 1 interested witness)
    • $850 + costs
  • Determination of Heirship with No Administration
    • $2,000 + costs
  • Determination of Heirship with Independent Administration
    • $4,000 + costs
  • Probate of Will as Muniment of Title
    • $1,000 + costs
  • Probate of Will with Letters Testamentary
    • $2,000 + costs
Need help paying for services? Visit here for information on an option for buy now, pay later. This service is not affiliated with the Linrya Justice Center and is an independent organization.
Family Size Income Range
1 $1,610-$2,146 $2,147-$2,951 $2,952-$3,757
2 $2,178-$2,902 $2,903-$3,991 $3,992-$5,081
3 $2,745-$3,659 $3,660-$5,032 $5,033-$6,405
4 $3,313-$4,416 $4,417-$6,072 $6,073-$7,729
5 $3,880-$5,172 $5,173-$7,112 --
6 $4,448-$5,929 --
USE--> 10% 20% 30%