Linrya Justice Center, Inc. now serving Central Texas residents.

We are pleased to announce that the Linrya Justice Center, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, is open and ready to assist clients. The LJC is a sliding-scale legal services center providing estate planning to people of moderate means.

Who: We work with people who earn too much to qualify for Legal Aid but can’t afford the full cost of attorney services. Clients qualify for a reduced fee based on household size and income.

What: LJC provides basic estate documents including a will, powers of attorney, and healthcare directive. Additional documents like Transfer on Death Deeds and supplemental needs trusts are available.

How: Estimate your fee, then request contact. Staff will contact you to schedule a phone consultation.

Why: Every adult benefits from having a will and powers of attorney yet the cost is too much for many. People turn to internet services and do-it-yourself books, which often mean errors that make the documents useless or costlier to use.

Want to support? LJC relies on donations and grants to expand services and help low-income clients. Support our mission by making a tax-deductible donation.

Executive Director <br>
Staff Attorney <br>
Lindsey S. Drake
Executive Director
Staff Attorney
Lindsey S. Drake

A lawyer's value is found in the advice given, not the document written.

Our Approach

Linrya Justice Center, Inc. is the product of a long-time dream of founder Lindsey S. Drake, an Austin native and attorney. Ms. Drake recognized that for many adults, legal services are prohibitively expensive.

At the same time, the rise in easily accessible do-it-yourself forms is causing an increase in litigation once people find they made a mistake in using the forms. Some of the forms are not state-specific, some are not understandable, some look impressive but are completely wrong for the client's situation.

The LJC is an attempt to provide options for clients who are unable to pay for a regular-priced lawyer but who also appreciate an attorney's value. Poorly written legal documents result in a lot of work for lawyers and expensive legal fees for clients.

Ms. Drake is a provider attorney for a variety of pro bono legal services organizations and takes great pride in her participation. Clients who need help paying for legal services deserve the same time and attention as any client, and to be treated with the same dignity afforded to clients who pay full rate.