Clients qualify for sliding-scale services based on where a person's monthly income falls on the federal poverty income guidelines. While assets are not considered, please remember that the sliding scale is service is designed for people with limited financial resources.

If you have sufficient money to pay a regular rate, please do so or consider making a tax-deductible donation.

Be prepared to submit pay stubs or other income verification documents.

Federal Poverty Guidelines

Family Size Annual Monthly Weekly
1 $11,880 $990 $228.46
2 $16,020 $1,335 $308.08
3 $20,160 $1,680 $387.69
4 $24,300 $2,025 $467.31
5 $28,440 $2,370 $546.92
6 $32,580 $2,715 $626.54
7 $36,730 $3,061 $706.35
8 $40,890 $3,408 $786.35
Each Add'l $4,160 $347 $80.00

In the calculator, select your family size and enter your household monthly income. Include in your household size all members of your household who contribute to your monthly income or are dependent upon your income. The approximate fee is the amount you should expect to pay for the estate plan documents, per adult. Payments can be spread out on a layaway style plan.

If no value appears in the yellow box, your income exceeds the top income bracket for the sliding scale. We can still prepare your estate plan documents and will quote you the regular rate.